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Westland Aftercut Patch Fix Lawn Grass Seed Repairer with Re-Usable Spreader

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Aftercut Patch Fix comes with a Even Flo Spreader by Westland it is designed to quickly and easily fix any patches in your lawn. With an easy to use spreader, and a unique blend of grass seed, feed and seedling oil, your lawn will be back to looking ship-shape once again. The spreader consists of a unique ball design to create an even, distribution of granules across your lawn, and the whole handle with the incorporated spreader can easily be removed and transferred onto Aftercut Patch Fix Even Flo refill pack, so the lawn spreader can be used over and over again.

  • Size: 2kg
  • Even Flo and Re-useable Spreader
  • Coverage: 25 Patches (1 patch = 45cm diameter)
  • Includes: Re-usable spreader handle as well as the Grass seed
  • Ideal For: high traffic areas, shady conditions, children's play areas and patches from pet urination.
  • Children and Pet Safe
  • Apply: early spring to late autumn


  • Product CodeWEST-300237
  • Height0cm
  • Width0cm
  • Depth0cm
  • ColourN/A