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SEER Rockdust Garden Minerals - 20 KG Bag

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Re-Mineralise Your Garden

Rockdust is a remarkable volcanic rock which contains two thirds of all non-synthetic minerals known to man, and is a natural method of adding essential trace elements to your soil. SEER rockdust is also accredited to Soil Association certification standards.

Rockdust is all about the re-mineralisation of soil and that quite simply means putting the minerals, once left on the ground millions of years ago, back into your soil.

Rockdust equivalents have only been mined in a few places around the world - Latvia, Washington state USA, Austria and now right here in Scotland. Rockdust contains a vast amount of trace elements and minerals and this can help your garden (just as the last ice age left left behind mineral rich soil) in numerous ways.

  • Rock dust has been extensively tested and is 100% organic.
  • Rockdust is certified by the Scottish Organic Producers Association and the Organic Farmers and Growers.

It's shown that:

  • Vegetables grown with rockdust contain more nutrients and minerals than those grown without
  • The flavour of vegetables is significantly better and they have a longer shelf life
  • It replenishes poor soil and makes it productive
  • Improves drought resistance
  • Increases pest resistance (you get a stronger plant)
  • There are absolutely no nasty chemicals
  • Rockdust locks in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere helping the environment

Rockdust is also great for lawns - you'll get a lusher greener lawn with stronger colour and greater drought resistance if you use Rockdust as a top dressing, and can be used in every type of gardening environment; from hanging baskets, to borders, composting and lawns.

For application:

  • Rockdust can be used at any time of the year
  • Simply sprinkle Rockdust evenly over an appropriate area to be planted as you would bone-meal
  • For lawns and in flower and vegetable gardens spread evenly and rake in.
  • 0.5kg of Rockdust should cover one square metre, 20kg - 40 square metres. If your soil is poor simply increase the quantities by up to 5kg per square metre.
  • Can be added with other soil conditioners, multi-purpose compost or plant foods
  • As a composting agent, to speed up the composting process for healthier compost, add 3-5mm over the surface of each layer of green waste


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