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Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed - 450g - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

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Gro-Sure Fast Acting Grass Seed is a blend of quick growing, hard wearing varieties of lawn seed that are ideal for over-seeding worn gross or filling in bare patches. The Seeds are Micro-Nutrient Coated to significantly improve germination and for quicker establishment.
The organic compounds attract and retain moisture around the seed, the micro nutrients helps towards strong healthy rooting and rapid establishment.


Normally for 10sqm but you get 50% Extra Free so you will recieve 15sqm for the same price.

Preparation and Usage for New Lawn

1. Prepare the soil by clearing away any debris and weeds

2. Dig over the soil, breaking down any lumps and tread the soil to firm it again Level with a rake

3 .Shake the box to mix up the seeds Sprinkle in 2 passes at right angles to each other at rate of 30g/sq.m

4. Lightly rake into the surface

For Existing lawn

1. Remove any weeds, Mow the lawn closely If the ground is compacted aerate using a garden fork

2. Spread Westland Lawn and Turf Dressing to fill any shallow holes and to level-out the surface

3. Shake the box to mix up the seeds, Sprinkle in 2 passes at right angles to each other at rate of 25g/sq.m

4. Lightly rake into the surface After Sowing Lightly firm the ground by walking over it or use a roller. This will press the seed into the soil.

After Sowing

Water thoroughly. Use a fine-rosed watering can or sprinkler. Take care not to wash the seeds away. Water daily until established.

In very hot conditions water late in the day once the sun has gone down. It is better to water thoroughly once rather than several times lightly.

Mow for the first time when grass is 5-8cm high. Gradually lower the cutting height to about 2.5cm. After 8 weeks we recommend feeding with Aftercut 3 Day Green Lawn Feed.

When to sow

Lawn seed may be sown from March to October. Ideally sow during March to May to September to October. Additional Information: Brands: Gro Sure *When creating a new lawn, this pack treats 15 sq. m (1.5 parking spaces). 1 parking space = 2m x 5m, which is 10 sq. m.

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