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Growing Media

At Abercorn we have a range of composts, barks and mulches for all your requirements. We have chosen to stock the brand leaders Scotts Levington and Scotts Miracle Gro as we feel they are the best quality product on the market.



There are different composts for different uses within the garden. Compost mixtures are normally used for planting into hanging baskets and tubs.Our Premium seller is a peat and soil mixture and is ideal for planting plants and shrubs which are semi-permanent. For seasonal plants, we have either a basic peat based compost or mixtures which are designed specifically for baskets and tubs etc.

For specialist applications, we have Potato Planters, Vegetable Planters, John Innes and Ericaecous compost which is suitable for plants that do not like lime. We also have a PEAT FREE compost and an ORGANIC compost.

For improving and digging into the soil we have both FARMYARD Manure compost and HORSE Manure compost as well as a Composted bark.


Bark Chippings

Bark chippings are a great way to help suppress weeds and to retail moisture in the ground during the dryer periods and it makes the beds and borders look good too !  We have 3 types at different price points including a bark mix which includes white wood, small bark nuggets and large bark nuggets.

To get the best from top dressing with bark, you will need to remove all weeds, especially any perennial weeds (ones that continue to grow underground) from the bed or border and top dress with approx 2 " of bark. As a natural product this will over time need to be toped up or replenished.

To be even more sure of keeping the weeds at bay, lay a landscape fabric underneath the bark after first removing the weeds. With this method, the thickness of bark may be reduced slightly.


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